Turkey: Council of Europe denounces violence against women

Forced marriages exceed 30%, unreported rape

15 October, 12:48

    (ANSAmed) - STRASBOURG, OCTOBER 15 - Forced marriages are still being reported in Turkey, along with the phenomenon of underage brides with 25% of Turkish women who wed when they were minors, a percentage that rose to 32% in rural areas, according to the first report on Turkey drafted by Grevio, a group of anti-violence experts of the Council of Europe, which was set up when the Istanbul Convention came into force.

    In the document, which takes into account the situation until last May, experts stressed that progress made in the country, including legislation to fight violence against women, were ''obscured'' by the reality experienced by women in their everyday lives.

    Grevio stressed that few rapes are reported to authorities, mainly due, according to experts, to social stigma. Victims are considered 'guilty' and reporting rape brings 'dishonor' to the family. Moreover, ''there is a stereotyped vision of the role of women, restrictive and extremely embedded'' in society even at ''the highest political levels'' that ''fosters violence''.

    Grevio denounced with alarm ''growing restrictions'' imposed on women's rights organizations. (ANSAmed).

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