Knesset speaker says Israel won't permit Iran in Syria

Says hopes Russia can be partner in effort

23 November, 15:12

    'MED Mediterranean Dialogues' event in Rome 'MED Mediterranean Dialogues' event in Rome

    ROME - Israeli Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said on Friday at the Med Dialogues in Rome that Israel will "under no circumstances allow an Iranian presence in Syrian territory, and the Russians know it".
    Edelstein said Israel hopes Russia "can be our partners in this effort".
    "When the Syrians shot down a Russian aircraft, things became more complicated, but accidents can happen," Edelstein said.
    "We're trying to ensure things calm down," he said.
    "It's every government's responsibility to protect its own borders. We will continue to do what we need to to protect our borders," he said.

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