Without USA, Palestine needs stronger EU, minister says

Malki at Med Dialogues says won't abandon two-state solution

23 November, 15:13

    ROME - Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Malki said Friday at Med Dialogues in Rome that Palestine needs a "strong and united Europe" to take responsibility given that "unfortunately the American administration has come to Israel's defence, taking the wrong side".
    "Their mission now is to protect Israel despite crimes committed, and this is unfortunate," Malki said.
    "If the Americans don't want to do anything, Europe should do it. We have to force change, and that's why we are pushing for a European role," he said.
    "The Palestinian people are still waiting for the international community to assume its responsibility," Malki said, adding that Palestine is disappointed with the international community, which he said has "behaved irresponsibly" and made it so that the question hasn't been resolved in 70 years.
    "We believe the two-state solution is possible. We believe there is international consensus on this solution. We're not ready to give up," he said.
    Malki said Israel is the only country that doesn't believe in this solution, and "we and the world can't allow Israel" to stop it.
    "We have to protect the two-state solution and work towards its implementation," he said.
    "Maybe we think it's not possible to have an independent Palestinian state this year or next year, but one day it will happen if things change," he said, adding that both sides must be involved in the process of change.

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