Prosecutor doesn't uphold Mare Jonio preventative sequester

But order issued for more evidence to be collected

13 May, 17:35

    Rescue ship Mare Jonio seized in Lampedusa Rescue ship Mare Jonio seized in Lampedusa

    PALERMO - Agrigento prosecutors on Monday decided not to uphold the preventative sequester of the Mare Jonio, a search-and-rescue ship win by the Mediterranea Saving Humans NGO, after it rescued a group of 30 migrants from a dinghy in difficulty in international waters last week. However, the prosecutors ordered another type of impoundment, a probative sequester, for more evidence to be collected, the NGO said.

    Agrigento prosecutor made 'important decision', Mediterranea

    The decision by the Agrigento prosecutor's office not to uphold the preventative seizure of the Mare Ionio ship and to issue a new measure for investigative seizure was ''important'', said Mediterranea Saving Humans on Monday. It added that the decision was important ''because the Financial Police, after getting input from the interior ministry, intended to use the term 'preventative' to block the Mare Ionio and stop it from repeating the crime once and for all''. The organization stressed that the prosecutor's choice was ''directed by the need to ascertain the facts and thus to verify through an investigation whether a crime has actually been committed''. ''As always, we are prepared to provide any element useful for ascertaining the truth, certain that we have always respect the law and rights, as well as the dignity of human life, unlike those with institutional positions, who make themselves accomplices of deaths at sea or the capture and deportation of women, men, and children towards concentration camps in Libya, a country at war,'' it said.

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