Israel sets first stone of 'Trump city' in Golan

Netanyahu, 'Trump Heights' in honor of friend

17 June, 11:26

    (ANSAmed) - BRUCHIM (GOLAN), JUNE 17 - As of today a place in Golan is called after the US president: Bruchim, as it was previously known, is now Ramat Trump (or Trump Heights). The first stone - which for now consists of a large sign with the new name of the settlement - was set by Premier Benyamin Netanyahu to honor a ''great friend''.

    In the presence of the entire government that held a special session on location and US Ambassador David Friedman, Netanyahu formalized - after a first, controversial postponement - a decision taken and announced right after the recognition by Trump of Israeli sovereignty over Golan, conquered from Syria in the 1967 war.

    ''Today is a historic day for us and we are proud to make this settlement to honor our great friend Donald Trump''. Many walked around the rustic farms where some 15 people live (mainly Russian migrants) who were once residents of Bruchim before it became 'Trump city' today. Set over a hill, the settlement is a bucolic paradise but isolated. Someone was more detached, if not skeptical: ''Schools, transportation and hospitals would be necessary but given that there are few of us, they cannot be started'', said a young woman. But the opposition did not agree and spoke about a government reunited for ''public relations'', given that Netanyahu's interim executive is waiting for political elections on September 17 and that today's decision can only be a preliminary one. (ANSAmed).

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