ANSAmed - Weekly diary from December 9 to December 15

06 December, 19:00

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, DECEMBER 6 - Weekly diary of the main events scheduled in the Euro-Mediterranean area from December 9 to December 15: MONDAY DECEMBER 9 MADRID - UN Climate Change Conference COP25 (until 13/12).

    BEIRUT - Start of consultations to form a new government.

    BRUSSELS - EU, Foreign Affairs Council. TUESDAY DECEMBER 10 VARIOUS CITIES - Human Rights Day.

    BRUSSELS - EU, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen gives a speech at the high-level event "After Halle: from words to action against anti-Semitism'.

    MADRID - New negotiating meeting between the Socialist party and the party for Catalan independence ERC on the investiture of Pedro Sanchez as prime minister.

    PARIS - New day of strikes, protests, and demonstrations against pension reforms promoted by President Emmanuel Macron.

    NUR-SULTAN (KAZAKHSTAN)- Negotiations between Russia, Turkey, and Iran on Syria (until 11/12). RIYADH - Gulf Cooperation Council summit.

    TUNIS - Regional conference on discrimination of women in legislation (until 11/12).

    ROME - Chamber of Commerce, conference titled 'From Cyber Security to Artificial Intelligence and Back', with Isaac Ben Israel, president of the Israel Space Agency. WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 11 JERUSALEM - Final deadline for the formation of a government or the dissolution of Parliament for new elections (until 12/12).

    BRUSSELS - EU, the von der Leyen Commission unveils the proposals of its Green Deal in the fight against climate change.

    THURSDAY DECEMBER 12 ALGIERS - Presidential elections.

    TUNIS - 'The Barber of Seville' by the Artemis Danza Company, for Carthage Theater Days.

    BRUSSELS - EU, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen holds a joint press with European Council President Charles Michel.

    FRIDAY DECEMBER 13 PARIGI - European Council meeting.

    SATURDAY DECEMBER 14 DOHA - Forum titled 'Governance in a Multipolar World' (until 15/12).

    SUNDAY DECEMBER 15 No major events scheduled.


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