'Migrants not a threat, end hostility', says pope

'Welcome them as Maltese did with St. Paul after shipwreck'

22 January, 17:06

    'Migrants not a threat, end hostility', says Pope Francis 'Migrants not a threat, end hostility', says Pope Francis

    VATICAN CITY - ''All over the world migrant men and women face risky voyages to escape violence, to escape war, to escape poverty,'' Pope Francis noted Wednesday in his weekly General Audience.

    Then, he noted, they experience indifference and hostility with countries refusing to allow them to disembark in ports when they arrive. He noted that migrants are exploited by criminal traffickers, treated simply like numbers instead of humans and as a threat by some leaders. Lack of hospitality, he said, sometimes pushes them like a wave back towards the poverty or dangers they had fled. Pope Francis said that Christians should work together to show migrants the love of God and that they are obliged to prove that there is more in the world than a lack of hospitality and indifference. Dedicating his Catechesis to "hospitality" - the theme of this year's Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - Pope Francis urged the faithful to be like the people of Malta, who welcomed and accepted St Paul and his companions in their moment of difficulty, when they were shipwrecked on the island.

    He noted that St Paul and his companions had in that situation experience something new in contrast with the brutality of the sea, as they were shown ''rare humanity'' by the island's inhabitants who were attentive to their needs despite their being foreigners. They gave them food and made fires to warm them, he noted, calling on all Christians to treat other humans like their brothers and sisters in Christ.

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