Lebanon: Diab cabinet wins confidence, ISG demands reforms

After vote in Parliament

12 February, 12:57

    BEIRUT - The Lebanese government led by Hassan Diab and backed by pro-Iranian Hezbollah has obtained a vote of confidence in Parliament. And shortly afterwards it was invited by western countries to pass reforms to stem the country's financial and economic crisis. In a statement released on Wednesday in Beirut, the International Support Group (ISG) for Lebanon, which includes Italy, called for action a few hours after the vote of confidence. The premier was urged to take action quickly and decidedly through reforms that are ''tangible, credible and comprehensive'' to stop the deep crisis and invert the trend while responding to the needs and requests of the Lebanese people, according to the statement.
    The international support group has repeatedly promised to Lebanese governments economic and financial support in case of reforms.
    The government last night won a confidence vote in Parliament, which took place amid anti-government protests that were first launched in mid-October last year.
    The parliamentary debate before the vote lasted nearly the entire day and ended only late at night with a large majority of lawmakers voting in favor of the executive. The cabinet is supported by parties of the coalition led by pro-Iranian Hezbollah.
    Addressing Parliament, Premier Diab admitted that he is faced with a particularly hard mission due to the deep economic and financial crisis and growing lack of confidence of a significant part of Lebanon's public opinion.

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