First UAE astronaut to offer typical dinner in space

Cosmonauts will taste traditional dishes on ISS

06 August, 11:09

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, AUGUST 6 - A dinner with traditional food from the United Arab Emirates will be served in space as part of an event scheduled at the end of September, when the first Emirati astronaut, Hazzaa Al Mansoori, will offer a dinner UAE dishes to his colleagues at the International Space Station (ISS), Gulf News reports.

    The news outlet quoted the UAE space agency ''Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre'' (MBRSC), confirming that Al Mansoori will be wearing traditional Emirati clothing during the dinner.

    The astronaut is scheduled to reach the space station on September 25 and to stay there for eight days.

    During the dinner, he will be serving colleagues, who are from other countries, three dishes: madrooba (a soup made with boiled chicken), saloona (a meat stew) and balaleet, a typical dessert.

    ''It will be the first time that Arab cuisine, in particular from the Gulf, will be savored in space, in a zero-gravity environment'', the Emirati space agency said.

    Food was part of the preparation undertaken by Al Mansoori ahead of his mission. During training, he was expected to taste over 200 halal dishes to decide which ones would be selected for the meal in space, together with Sultan Al Neyadi, the backup Emirati astronaut who will take his place if necessary.

    ''Astronauts' meals are prepared according to specific characteristics to provide balanced nutrition but they need to be easy to transport, preserve and use in an environment without gravity'', said Al Mansoori. ''This food is prepared at very high temperatures to enable long-term conservation. During training, we evaluated about 200 dishes, giving an evaluation from 1 to 9. We tasted halal food prepared for space, but the taste changes compared to the food we eat on earth. I am honored to be the first Emirati astronaut and to organize an evening with our food onboard the station, to promote my country's culture, of which I am proud, and to share delicious dishes that I am sure my colleagues will appreciate''. (ANSAmed)

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