Tunisia to launch its first space association, TUNSA

Scientists, students, and fans to share information

20 November, 13:25

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, NOVEMBER 20 - A group of Tunisian scientists, experts, and young students that are passionate about space and space technology have announced that the country's first space association, named TUNSA, will be launched soon. "The effective creation of this association is scheduled for late February / early March 2021. After having worked on the visual identity and the website of the association, we are now preparing the required mechanism and mobilising members. We have reached about 100 active and highly motivated members in all space-related fields," Ahmed Fadhel, aerospace engineer, space industry entrepreneur and president of TUNSA, told TAP. The association will be the ideal framework to popularise space science and everything related to space technology through academies, theoretical and even practical courses on several themes related to the space sector, he said. The young Tunisian aerospace engineer, based in Belgium, confirmed that many Tunisian space experts, both abroad and within the country, voiced readiness to support the association and help promote this space culture in Tunisia. "Many believe that space sciences are not linked to the themes of economy, society, environment and culture. One of our missions would be to enlighten the public on these preconceived ideas and somehow democratise this field in Tunisia and make it accessible especially to young graduates and young project promoters," he added.Scientists and young space enthusiasts who adhere to his project want, according to him, "to offer students and young graduates in Tunisia, the opportunity to work on machines that will be sent into space. "We have experts who work or have worked on space missions abroad. These experts will mentor young Tunisians who will build satellites, robots, agricultural machinery and even medical systems that can be used in space," he noted. Another team will be in charge of developing new methods and digital tools for analysing data from satellites. "These data collected in the sky, once combined with other types of data (air, land and sea) will form a very powerful and effective decision-making tool, which we will put at the service of Tunisian public authorities directly or through an emerging ecosystem of startups that will be supported by the TUNSA association," said Fadhel. The first Challenge-One satellite, which was 100% Tunisian-made, developed and designed by Telnet Holding, will be launched into space on March 20, 2021, during celebrations for the 65th anniversary of Tunisia's independence.


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