Algeria: ancient sports star from Matreg to palm climbing

Arab festival on traditional sports kicks off through the 30th

25 March, 11:17

    Athletes from nine countries are competing in six traditional sports Athletes from nine countries are competing in six traditional sports

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, MARCH 25 -From Tachkount, a sort of hockey played on the sand with palm tree branches rather than bats, to Matreg, a sport that looks very much like fencing but uses sticks rather than stones, six historic sports will be part of the program of the fourth edition of the Arab Festival of traditional sports scheduled from Friday through March 30 in the Algerian cities of Oran and Constantine.

    ''These competitions in Algeria - explained Mamouni Bouterfes, president of the Algerian federation of traditional games and sports, to the Algerie Press service (Aps) - will be important to promote traditional sports. Our objective since the foundation of the federation in 1995 has been to safeguard the historic heritage and value of traditional sports in Arab countries, contributing together to the creation of an Arab center for traditional sports''.

    Along with tachkount and matreg, the five days of matches in Algeria will include games of maabza, a traditional wrestling match, of palm tree climbing and strategy games like the sig, a table game for families traditionally played in the evenings of Ramadan, and kharbga. A reported 100 athletes will be competing from nine countries: Algeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Sudan and the united Arab Emirates. The previous editions of the Arab festival of traditional sports took place in Oman, Lebanon and Morocco. (ANSAmed)

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