Spain: Barcelona fights uncivilized and low-cost tourism

With new rules on apartment rentals and more local police

03 September, 14:34

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID, SEPTEMBER 3 - The mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias (CiU) has announced new rules concerning apartment rentals for tourists and more local police to check on uncivilized tourists after an uprising of residents from the Barceloneta distric, which spread to other neighbourhoods like Raval and Born. Over 2,000 people last Saturday demonstrated against mass tourism and widespread uncivil behaviour by tourists.

    In statements quoted by local media, Trias assured that the new rules concerning apartment rentals - which will need to take place in specific buildings - will be approved in the fall.

    Legislation will include limitations on rentals to tourists to fight ''irregular practices'' by owners and real estate dealers.

    The mayor said the new legislation will not be popular with promoters and agencies who favour speculation.

    Yesterday, the Association of touristic apartments in Barcelona (Apartur) asked in a statement ''not to criminalize the whole sector'' but instead called on authorities to pass sanctions against those violating the law. For his part, Trias noted that the city was vying to promote a new type of tourism connected to culture and congresses against disrespectful tourists and ''intolerant and inadmissible behaviour'' by low-cost visitors. He also said some 100 other local police officers will join the force for this purpose. (ANSAmed)
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