Another partisan monument vandalised in Ravenna

Latest in spate of incidents across Italy

(ANSA) - Ravenna, February 21 - Another partisan monument has been vandalised in Ravenna.
    A monument to 12 partisans executed in a 1944 Nazi reprisal was daubed with an SS symbol and an insult.
    The message 'Ciao Artioli' was left at the foot of the monument, referring to the president of the local partisans association ANPI, Ivano Artioli.
    It is the latest in a spate of such incidents in Italy, and the second in two days at Ravenna.
    On Wednesday a large black swastika was daubed on a monument outside a cemetery of WWII Resistance dead outside Ravenna.
    The swastika was daubed in black paint on the entrance monument to the cemetery of the fallen of the WWII of the partisan 'Cremona Brigade' at Camerlona outside Ravenna.
    Local mayor Michele De Pascale called the act "a gesture of absolute gravity and of indescribable violence".
    NeoNazi stickers appeared Tuesday on the buzzer of the home of a WWII partisan's daughter in Turin, the second such episode at her home in less than three weeks.
    The two small labels bore the words 'Re Hitler' (King Hitler) next to a swastika and a Celtic cross.
    On January 30 two stickers bearing the SS salute 'Sieg Heil' and swastikas were attached to the doorbell of the same apartment.
    Also on Tuesday a swastika and Celtic cross were daubed on the theatre of a town near Lake Maggiore that won an award for its WWII Resistance fight.
    The council in Villadossola said the symbols were probably painted on the facade of the La Fabbrica cultural centre by a gang of youths.
    The three latest episodes came after similar anti-semitic messages were recently found in Turin, Mondovi', Brescia and Giaveno near Turin.
    The woman, a member of the partisans' association ANPI, has reported the incidents to DIGOS security police.
    A survey out last month said one in six Italians now deny the Holocaust, up from one in 20 16 years ago, and one in five say Mussolini was a great leader who made some mistakes.
    There was an upsurge in anti-Semitic episodes in Italy around Holocaust Memorial day last month.
    Holocaust survivor and life Senator Liliana Segre, 89, recently had a police escort assigned after anti-Semitic threats.
    Segre, who was taken to Auschwitz as a child where she lost her family, has warned about a resurgence of anti-Semitism.
    A Star of David, the word 'Juden' and a Celtic cross were daubed at the entrance to a building in central Bologna about a week ago, LGBT activist Cathy La Torre said Wednesday.
    "These geniuses have marred with their imbecility one of Bologna's most characteristic streets, Via Piella, where the romantic view onto the Moline canal opens up, among the attractions most appreciated by tourists," she said.
    DIGOS security police are investigating the incident.
    A few weeks ago a Star of David was scrawled on the entrance to the building of a Jewish teacher and son of a deported family, Henri-Emmanuel Lederman, on the outskirts of the Emilian capital.