Notte della Taranta for 1st time without public, show on TV

Nannini, Diodato and Mahmood on stage on Rai2 28/8

(ANSA) - MELPIGNANO, 21 AGO - This year's traditional and iconic Notte della Taranta concert will be for the first time without a live audience, which has always been its true soul with chants, dancing and tarantella twirls.
    But it will nonetheless be as exciting and magical as ever, with the timless music, drums and pizziche prancing being broadcast to a much bigger audience on TV.
    The inimitable show will be transmitted on Rai2 on August 28, at 22:50.
    It will be recorded this Saturday night in the evocative setting of the ex-convent of the Augustinians at Melpignano, a town in the Salento peninsula of Puglia.
    It will be inaccessible to non-residents, in order to avoid gatherings in compliance with anti-COVID norms.
    The 23rd edition of the Notte della Taranta was presented Friday at the Palazzo Marchesale De Luca in Melpignano, by those who organized, scripted and conceived it.
    This year's three 'superguests' were there: Mahmood, Diodato and Gianna Nannini.
    Mahmood will perform a song in Arabic, 'Sabry 2aleel', a love song that Shereen turned into a hit and a childhood memory of the artist who listened to it in the car with his father.
    Nannini has chosen to sing the track 'Fimmene Fimmene, with which she conquered the audience at Melpignano in 2004, with her ballsy style and unmistakable voice.
    Diodato, from Taranto, will serve up 'Beddrha ci Dormi', a classic from Salento's traditional musical repertoire.
    Also in attendance Friday were the president of the Notte della Taranta foundation, Massimo Manera, Melpignano Mayor Ivan Stomeo, and Puglia tourism councillor Loredana Capone.
    Master musician Paolo Buonvino described the Notte della Taranta 2020.
    He focused on one word, 'meeting'. A meeting understood as a contact between different art forms, distant genres, and traditions that seem very far away from each other too. With ancient music and computers, drums, dances and high fashion outfits.
    The Concertone (Big Concert) will thus be a veritable fusion in this special year that is so difficult for outdoor events. A chance to build bridges in place of walls, to knock down all kinds of barriers and open up to intermingling and mixing different things.
    Puglia-born actor Sergio Rubini will lead TV viewers on an "emotional journey" on Rai2, narrating the land of Salento and telling it through its inhabitants and music, its oldest and still most spontaneous forms of music. (ANSA).


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