• Mutti launches Sul Campo project to revolutionize the tomato world

Mutti launches Sul Campo project to revolutionize the tomato world

InstaFactory makes it possible to work directly 'on the field'

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The Mutti Group is continuing its 120-year tradition of being a pioneer in the food-preserve sector with the launch of a new cutting-edge project, Sul Campo (On the Field).

The idea is to capture the moment of perfect ripeness directly on the chosen terrain, concentrating a whole processing plant in a space of "just" 1,000 square metres, the area of four articulated lorries.
As a result, for the first time it is possible to transform tomatoes into passata tomato puree right there where it grows - just like the name says, On the Field.
The dream has come true thanks to InstaFactory, a revolutionary mobile plant that can reach and process the tomato in the place where it grows at its best moment.
In just 20 minutes (rather than several hours) the harvest is ready to be bottled in a limited-edition passata which, thanks to the speed of the procedure, keeps all of its organoleptic properties and, when it comes to traceability, carries with it the name of its field of origin.
"We are the first to lay down this challenge which always has the tomato and the person who works with it as the lead player," said CEO Francesco Mutti.
"It represents a totally new way to conceive production".
Giorgio Lecchi and Ugo Peruch, respectively the Industrial Director and Agricultural Director of Mutti Spa, admitted that "only a year ago it seemed impossible".
Lecchi and Peruch are the ones who had to dismantle consolidated agricultural practices of 30 years and form a totally new team of designers "with no prejudices" in order to redesign the process and make it possible to process the tomato with very little space and in movement
The plant performs all of the eight phases, from washing to packaging, with respect of the health and hygiene rules and in energy self-sufficiency, with just four operators and two logistics staff members.
It is kicking off this year with the involvement of three of the 400 families of farmers that supply the Mutti group:Calza, Franzoni and Aschieri.

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