Coronavirus: Italy to be among 1st to have vaccine-Manfredi

Research minister hopes results of AstraZeneca will be confirmed

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 9 - University and Research Minister Gaetano Manfredi said Thursday that Italy will be among the first to have an eventual coronavirus vaccine.
    "As the Italian government we are on the front line both for the vaccine against Sars-CoV2 and for experimental medicines," Manfredi told RAI radio.
    "We hope that the result of (the vaccine produced by) AstraZeneca, which is already is phase three, is confirmed quickly.
    "We guarantee the Italian people that we will be among the first to have access to an effective vaccine.
    "There is always a risk with research activities, but let's hope everything will go well". (ANSA).


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