Vatican AIF received 64 suspect activity reports in 2019

Financial authority says it enacted four preventive measures.

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 3 - The Vatican's Financial Information Authority (AIF) said in its annual report on Friday that it received 64 suspicious activity reports (SARs) in 2019.
    It said 55 of these came from supervised entities, four from Holy See/Vatican City State authorities and five from other subjects .
    It said it enacted 4 preventive measures, including the freezing of a bank account.
    It said it forwarded 15 reports to the Promoter of Justice, "which confirms the rising trend in the ratio between reports to the Promoter of Justice and SARs.
    "Overall, the tendency towards higher quality SARs is strengthening, thanks to the guidelines on more specific anomaly indicators which was provided and a more conscious implementation of a risk-based approach," the report added.


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