Strong emergency pact needed in Lebanon - Conte

Italy with Beirut, hope govt starts reforms says PM

(ANSA) - BEIRUT, SEP 8 - A strong political pact against the emergency is needed in Lebanon, Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte said after a visit to Beirut Tuesday.
    "There's a full-blown emergency here," Conte told the press.
    "There is tremendous suffering.
    "It can only be resolved with a strong political pact between the best forces in society.
    "Without this prospect the international community can do little".
    Conte met with President Michel Aoun and told him that Italy was "with Lebanon".
    He said he hoped the government would start a programme of reforms starting with the renewal of governance.
    Conte told Aoun that the confidence of the people must be rebuilt.
    He said this challenge was "within the government's reach".
    For Lebanon, Conte said "now is the time to roll up one's sleeves, and to do so the citizens' trust must be rebuilt, between one another and with the institutions.
    "Italy has profound respect for Lebanese sovereignty, it will stay by its side hoping that a government can be formed as soon as possible that tackles reconstruction and initiates reforms as soon as possible".
    Conte also communicated this message to Prime Minister designate Mustapha Adib. (ANSA).


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