Golf: Molinari hires Rose's ex caddie

'Fooch' Fulcher to start working with 2018 Open winner from Jan

Redazione ANSA Rome

(ANSA) - Rome, November 14 - Italy's Francesco Molinari has hired the caddie who helped Justin Rose win the 2013 US Open, gold at the Rio Olympics and the Fedex Cup in 2018.
    'Fooch' Fulcher was forced to leave the Briton's side after 11 years because of a heart operation a year ago.
    He will be working with Molinari, the 2018 British Open winner, from January, according to US media.
    "He'll bring a lot of experience, he won practically everything with Rose and I always admired their rapport. Fulcher has a strong personality and always says what he thinks. We'll start working together from January, even though I haven't yet established my programme well. He's healthy and is working hard to regain physical fitness." Molinari has suffered a fall in form since dropping former caddie Pello Iguaran after a golden 2018 and, according to Golf Digest, constant travelling from his base in London and the US is giving him jetlag problems that have impacted his performance.
    "He'll have to choose whether to live in America," the magazine said.