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Coronavirus: infections in the Center-East, over 500,000

They were just over 2,300 in mid-March. Deaths toward 19,000

14 July, 19:33
(by Stefano Giantin) (ANSA) - BELGRADE, 14 LUG - At the beginning of the crisis, the hotspots were Germany, with around 1,500 infections, Austria, with less than three hundred, and Greece, almost a hundred, for a total of confirmed cases that slightly exceeded the threshold of 2,300, between Germany, Austria and Greece and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. And a low number of deaths: five throughout central and south-eastern Europe and the Balkans. In four months the toll has jumped to more than 510,000 cases and 18,780 deaths for Covid-19.

The figures show how quickly and virulently coronavirus spreads everywhere, including Eastern Europe, even though this area, in comparison with Western Europe, still has a much lower number of infected people and deaths per million inhabitants.

Today, more than four months after the outbreak of the epidemic, the most affected countries in the region are always Germany (almost 199,000 cases), at the top of the ranking since the beginning of the crisis, followed by Belarus (65,000 around), Ukraine (54,000), Poland (38,000), Romania (32,500), Moldova (19,300), which have become the new hotspots of the epidemic.

Meanwhile, Austria (around 18,900 cases), after the crisis in the early spring, has quickly managed to stop the spread of infections and is now about to be overcome by Serbia (18,360 confirmed cases) According to the most updated statistics, based on data collected by the WHO, Belarus has so far recorded the highest number of cases of Covid-19 per million inhabitants (approximately 6,841), followed by Moldova (4,805) and North Macedonia (3,905, Italy is at 4,019 per million). The lowest rate was recorded in Greece (353 per million) and Slovakia (349). North Macedonia is the country in the area with the highest death rate per million inhabitants (184 compared to 578 in Italy), followed by Moldova (159) and Germany (109). The lowest ratio was recorded in Slovakia (5). In the last 7 days, the highest weekly percentage increases of the total confirmed cases were recorded in Montenegro (up 56.3%), Kosovo (up 41.1%), Bulgaria (up 31.1%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (up 27.6%) and Albania (up 20.5%), all countries in those Balkans that have been for weeks the epicenter of the epidemic in Central and Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the epidemic appears to be under control for now, only in a few countries, including Latvia, Austria, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Hungary, and Estonia. (ANSA).

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