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Coronavirus: infections rise again in the Balkans

Restrictions are back. Elections in Croatia and North Macedonia

04 July, 13:32
(ANSA) - BELGRADO, 04 LUG - Coronavirus infections are rising again in the Balkans. Therefore, the countries in the region are re-imposing restrictive measures abolished in the past weeks. Governments relaunch appeals and recommendations for compliance with the basic principles of prevention, such as face mask, physical distancing, personal hygiene, and frequent and careful handwashing. Just like in Serbia and Croatia, cases of infection have started growing again in North Macedonia, where 165 new infections were recorded yesterday, with the total rising to 6,787. Seven deaths increased the death toll to 335.

General elections will take place in the country on July 15.

Serbia voted on June 21, Croatia will vote on July 5.

The infection rate remains stubbornly high in Romania, the country in the region that is the hardest-hit by the pandemic.

In the last hours, 870 new infections were recorded, and the total rose to 28,166. Another 21 deaths were recorded, in all 1,708, since the beginning of the epidemic. The infections rose even in Montenegro, a country that a few weeks ago had declared the end of the coronavirus epidemic after 28 days of zero cases and zero deaths. The new infections were 47 in the last hours, bringing the total of the second wave to 339. Another death was reported, and the death toll is now 4 in this new phase of the epidemic. There are 16 new cases in Slovenia (total 1,649), whereas deaths have stopped at 111. Ljubljana had been on the verge of declaring the end of the epidemic in the past few weeks. The country is now facing a new wave of infections and has to re-impose restrictions and quarantine. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are facing similar situations. (ANSA).

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