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Coronavirus: Germany rises to 684 cases in 24h, R0 to 1.2

Robert Koch Institute, we risk the second wave of infection

29 July, 12:37
(ANSA) - BERLIN, JULY 29 - The number of new cases of Covid-19 has grown again in Germany in the last 24 hours: 684 reports arrived by midnight yesterday, against 633 the previous day, the Robert Koch Institut reported. According to the R0 factor, the infection spread rate remains stable at 1.25 (compared to 1.28 on the day before). The infection factor measured over the previous seven days also remains on not yet alarming thresholds, equal to 1.12.However, the president of the Robert Koch Institut, Lothar Wieler, yesterday warned of the danger of a second wave, saying he was "anxious" about recent developments. In July, the new daily infections had been between 300-500 cases. According to the president, inattention to the rules foreseen (mask, one meter, and a halfdistance and hygiene) could be a prelude to a second epidemic wave. The country reached the climax of the infection in April, with 6,000 new cases recorded in 24 hours. At least 202,926 people got infected in Germany, and 9,128 have died as a result of the virus, the Berlin-based epidemiological institute still reported. (ANSA).

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