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    • 11:22
    • 17 Sep

    Brussels chief urges EU to step up for migrants

    Member states bitterly divided over how to handle refugees
    • 10:24
    • 17 Sep

    Lesbos police moves homeless migrants to new camp

    MSF barred from accessing the facility
    • 15:33
    • 16 Sep

    Slovenia: new statue of Melania Trump near Sevnica

    It replaces the wooden one burned in July
    • 12:11
    • 16 Sep

    Von der Leyen, all Europe must do its part on migration

    After a fire at a migrant camp in Greece
    • 17:27
    • 15 Sep

    Five migrants arrested over Greek camp fire

    Moria was destroyed last week
    • 11:49
    • 15 Sep

    Bosnian Serb war criminal dies of coronavirus

    Krajisnik was jailed for 20 years for his role in 1990s war
    • 19:30
    • 14 Sep

    EU: a history of the 20th century without prejudices

    Onlus, teaching should be free from 'demokrature'
    • 18:27
    • 14 Sep

    Migrants: Greece to build new camps with EU support

    Aid to Lesvos through Union's civil protection mechanism
    • 16:48
    • 14 Sep

    Putin says 'sure' Lukashenko will resolve Belarus crisis

    They met at the Black Sea city of Sochi
    • 11:46
    • 14 Sep

    Tens of thousands rally in Belarus despite mass arrests

    Today Lukashenko meeting Putin
    • 17:33
    • 11 Sep

    EU sending additional ships for Moria's refugees

    Greece ramps up emergency effort after Lesbos migrant camp fire
    • 15:04
    • 11 Sep

    Med leaders ready for EU sanctions on Turkey

    If Ankara fails to end confrontational actions on Mediterranean
    • 12:00
    • 11 Sep

    Russian police seek to question Navalny in Germany

    Opposition leader being treated in Berlin for poisoning
    • 19:47
    • 10 Sep

    Ukraine: EU extends sanctions for a further six months

    Against violations of territorial integrity
    • 13:51
    • 10 Sep

    Belarus: Kolesnikova, KGB threatened me with death

    To make me leave the country
    • 19:28
    • 09 Sep

    EU Tribunal dismisses Slovenia action for 'Teran'

    For annulment of regulation for use on labels of Croatian wines