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    • 10:40
    • 03 Sep

    55 people hurt as showdown in Bulgaria takes violent turn

    In Parliament controversial draft for a new constitution
    • 18:13
    • 01 Sep

    EU asks new Montenegro's speed up rule of law reform

    Borrell and Varhelyi, Podgorica is well advanced on European way
    • 10:39
    • 01 Sep

    Turkey extends Mediterranean gas exploration mission

    Ankara's relations with Athens have deteriorated sharply
    • 16:16
    • 31 Aug

    Conte at Bled Forum,from pandemic solidarity and cooperation

    Pahor, let's take advantage of the coronavirus crisis
    • 12:27
    • 31 Aug

    Social Democrats return to power in N. Macedonia

    Government approved with 62 votes in the 120-seat assembly
    • 12:23
    • 31 Aug

    Montenegro ruling party leads, opposition could get majority

    DPS won 35%, followed by main pro-Serb opposition alliance
    • 15:07
    • 29 Aug

    Montenegro votes with identity, economy at the fore

    Djukanovic having led Country from the end of communism
    • 17:47
    • 28 Aug

    Belarus: Borrell, toward sanctions on eminent personalities

    'List will be approved soon, 11 countries call for a decision.'
    • 15:36
    • 28 Aug

    Belarus: Ukraine, we suspended all contacts with Minsk

    'We will resume them if there are no political and moral risks'
    • 15:01
    • 28 Aug

    Greek Minister, sanctions on Turkey are necessary

    At the Gymnich in Berlin, Athens relies on European solidarity
    • 14:58
    • 28 Aug

    Foibe: Istrian Union, 250 remains discovered in Slovenia

    'Almost all civilians with an average age of twenty.'
    • 16:46
    • 27 Aug

    Belarus: Stoltenberg, Nato supports its independence

    No pretext for 'external measures'
    • 15:30
    • 27 Aug

    Merkel, alarmed by the tensions in the Mediterranean Sea

    Germany committed to de-escalation
    • 13:34
    • 27 Aug

    Germany agrees tougher rules to fight rising infections

    Fans out of stadiums until at least the end of the year
    • 17:47
    • 26 Aug

    Italian PM Conte 'digital speaker' at Bled Strategic Forum

    Discussions with European leaders on Brexit and COVID-19
    • 17:14
    • 26 Aug

    Covid: Bulgaria, haulers protest on the border with Greece

    Forced to extend the trips due to the closure of the crossing