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Coronavirus: Apple-Google tracing app for 7 EU countries

The UK is considering converging on this system

08 May, 16:06
(ANSA) - ROME, 08 MAG - Seven European countries are working on the coronavirus contact-tracing app based on the platform that is being developed by Apple and Google. Reuters website reported. These countries are Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, and Italy the Minister of Innovation Paola Pisanohas has already specified.

France, which is using its system. and the United Kingdom, which seems to be rethinking about it, have not joined the Apple and Google system.

The 'European coalition' will use Bluetooth and the approach of Apple and Google, whose iOS and Android operating systems are on 99% of the world's smartphones. This system will also allow their national apps to "talk" to each other and manage infections when people travel abroad.

"Everything about these projects has from Day One been about how we can make it work on an international level," told Reuters Marcel Salathe, a digital epidemiologist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

France is currently developing another system, with citizens' data stored on central servers rather than remaining on users' smartphones, just like in the Apple and Google system.

The UK has adopted an autonomous system, which is being trialed on the Isle of Wight but, according to the Guardian, the government would be considering abandoning its contact-tracking app in favor of the decentralized model of the two web giants, to an extent that a feasibility study on this change would be underway. (ANSA).

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