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Vco, rise in visitor numbers

21 novembre, 16:25
(ANSA) - VERBANIA - Tourism in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (VCO) is thriving, according to the latest figures released by the Provincial Tourism Observatory. During the first nine months of the year, the number of people staying overnight rose by 2.96% compared to the same period last year. The figures showed an increase from 2,396,805 in 2010 to 2,476,760 people in 2012. The average length of time people stayed for also rose from 3 days to 4.7 days. The number of Italian visitors dropped (by 2.62%) but was more than compensated for by an increase in the number of holidaymakers from abroad (up 4.48%). "Last year, we achieved the best result ever but we've managed to do even better this year," commented VCO provincial governor Massimo Nobili. "Given the currently bleak economic climate, this really indicates the tremendous potential for tourism in VCO". VCO Tourism Councillor Giudina Del Sasso commented: "This means almost 80,000 more people. This was not a foregone or accidental achievement. It is the result of the skilful, professional work of operators, who continue to invest in our tourism opportunities by renewing structures and services. It is also the result of promotional activity, conducted with the relevant authorities, despite the current lack of resources, such as participating in various fairs, both in Italy and abroad, and organizing special initiatives". In addition, the councillor noted that the popularity of Lake Maggiore among the French Swiss had been of particular assistance. The largest group of visitors from abroad came from Germany, followed by the Dutch and the French. There were also a great many vacationers from Switzerland and Lichtenstein, encouraged by the euro-franc exchange-rate. Other nationalities included the British, whose numbers rose 21% and the Belgians. In terms of destination, Verbania topped the list, with 794,000 visitors, followed by Stresa (444,000), Baveno and Cannobio. Among the mountain resorts, Macugnaga saw a drop in the number of people staying overnight but was still the most popular high-altitude destination, ahead of Domodossola, with 2,450 visitors. "These are important results which also reward the hard work of local tourist enterprises," said the head of the tourist board responsible for the lakes area, Antonio Longo Dorni. "Our work increasingly focuses on providing services to encourage visitors, business and events, including through the Internet".


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