The Mediterrean's future, ANSA-AL AHRAM conference in Cairo

Terrorism, security but also opportunities and development

27 June, 11:28

    Si apre il convegno Ansa-al Ahram al Cairo sul Mediterraneo Si apre il convegno Ansa-al Ahram al Cairo sul Mediterraneo

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, OCT 17- Europe and the Arab are on the frontline in the fight against terrorism and human trafficking while Italy and Egypt are first in line in delivering the message that regional dynamics have changed and that a new season of political, social and economic growth can be fostered.

    This is the message emerging from the ANSA - AL AHRAM conference held Thursday in Cairo. Al Ahram is the leading Egyptian newspaper, one of the most widely read in the Arab world and the conference wasjointly organised to celebrate ANSAmed's ten-year anniversary. "The Mediterranean area is central to the Italian and European development" said the managing director of the agency, Giuseppe Cerbone . Rome, Cairo and the Eu must seize this historic opportunity and invest in the future of two countries that enjoy very significant relations, he added. "We're living through a critical time in the history of the region and between the two flanks of the Mediterranean" underlined Al Ahram, general manager, Mohammed Sabreen. " "Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Isis: this is the time to come together and unite in order to understand how to ensure stability" he added. "We are leading news-providers in our respective fields and we can help the public understand what's happening and also find solutions together". The winds of war and the images of immigration-tragedies "wake us each each morning" with news coming mainly from the Mediterranean, said the vicepresident of the European Parliament David Sassoli. "The news compels Europe to act in a different way. Europe has looked to the north and to the east, now it should invest in "its mediterranean vocation". The Eu and the Arab world can have a common vision to address global issues, both in the economic and social arena. In the crowded Al Ahram hall in the centre of Cairo, speakers followed one another and reporters from the main Egyptian tv channels were eager to squeeze a declaration out of Premier Ibrahim Mahlab, one of the most important guests in attendance. Mahlab reassured the audience about Egypt 's new political turn and invited tourists to return to his country. "You will feel pampered" . The premier also spoke of Isis and the jihadi groups active in northern Sinai and Libya. "Terrorism knows no leaders, no religion and no borders. It's a tough challenge but we shall manage to defend ourselves from terrorism, hand in hand". The Italian Ambassador to Egypt, Maurizio Massari, who has followed developments in the Arab world as they were happening, stressed that in the aftermath of the Arab Spring " regional dynamics have changed, at the moment we are challenged by terrorism and security emergencies, but there are also investment opportunities to be seized" "This is actually the theme running through the conference - he added - a very useful initiative undertaken by ANSA and Al Ahram". We need to focus on "more people to people exchanges between the tow flanks of the Mediterranean, that's the only way to foster and inter-connected web that can bring stability to the entire region" concluded the ambassador. The same topics were also espoused during speeches by former Arab League Secretary Amr Moussa, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry, as well as representatives from Italian companies who said "they believed in Egypt's new course" and in a new chapter of political, social and economic growth for the country and the region. (ANSAmed).

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