Italy and UAE with Expo in Milan and Dubai

ANSA and Dubai Press Club conference

27 June, 12:36

    Italia e Emirati insieme con gli Expo di Milano e di Dubai Italia e Emirati insieme con gli Expo di Milano e di Dubai

    (ANSAmed) - DUBAI - Relations between Italy and the United Arab Emirates enjoy good health but there is room for further improvement and more in-depth ties, also thanks to the succession of the two editions of the Universal Exposition taking place in Milan this year and scheduled in Dubai in 2020.

    This emerged from the Conference in Dubai organized by ANSA and the Dubai Press Club with the participation of entrepreneurs and media representatives from the two countries.
    Data on exchanges is comforting. Italy is the third European country - after Germany and Great Britain and before France - in terms of exports, which were worth 5.2 billion in 2014 out of a total of 12.5 in the entire Gulf area. However, as observed by Italy's ambassador to the UAE, Giorgio Starace, it is a growth that is progressively continuing, also helped by the fact that the Emirates are not only strong energy producers anymore (oil and gas) but are also developing a strong cooperation in manufacturing and services.

    Italian entrepreneurs in the UAE have stressed that the two countries complement one another not only from a commercial standpoint but also culturally. ''I have learned a lot in the Emirates, it truly is a new world'', said Piero Ricotti, vice president of the Italian Chamber of commerce, who was present with the secretary general Mauro Marzocchi.
    Other entrepreneurs who attended the Forum included Roberta Calarese, of the group Majid Al Futtaim, Guido Zagatti of Assicurazioni Generali, Pasquale Della Penna, from Harwal Group, Raffaella Carnevale of Modomilano, Ferdinando Fiore from Ice. Representatives of the UAE included, among others, Amad Buamin, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Dubai.

    ANSA believes the entire area of the Mediterranean, Middle East and the Gulf is strategic for information and means to boost its already relevant presence in the area starting from the Gulf, in the conviction, said CEO Giuseppe Cerbone, that information can contribute to reciprocal knowledge and economic development.
    Ibrahim Al Abed, director general of the National media council, cited the traditional ties that local media enjoy with ANSA and encouraged further closeness with the aim of reciprocal cooperation and exchange of information on respective events.

    One of the objectives pursued by the Forum was to imagine new tools able to give further impulse to dialogue between the European Union and Gulf countries and, in particular, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.
    Information, with its ability to talk about the reality of faraway countries, can give its contribution towards this goal, said Ibrahim Al Abed. The Forum organized by ANSA in Dubai follows the Conference in Cairo last April 16 organized in cooperation with daily Al Ahram and dedicated to relations between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.(ANSAmed).

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