ANSA Seminar focuses on bilateral relations between Italy and Tunisia

27 June, 11:28

    Tunis, May 9, 2017 ? Forum ANSA ?European Arab Strategic Partnership: Italy-Tunisia? Tunis, May 9, 2017 ? Forum ANSA ?European Arab Strategic Partnership: Italy-Tunisia?

    (Giuseppe Maria Laudani) (ANSAmed) - TUNIS - Telling the Mediterranean, political and humanitarian tensions, but also bilateral relations and economic relations between the various countries of the basin, including Italy and Tunisia. The North and the South banks of the 'Mare Nostrum' are even closer today thanks to the cooperation agreement between the ANSA and TAP press agencies, signed in Tunis by their respective CEOs, Giuseppe Cerbone and Lotfi Arfaoui, during the seminar future and the challenges in bilateral relations and cooperation between Italy and Tunisia '.

    "This agreement represents a great opportunity to strengthen the already extensive collaboration between Italy and Tunisia," said Cerbone, while Arfaoui thanked ANSA for a "strategic" cooperation. The agreement aims to deepen the main issues in the Mediterranean region: from migrations to the fight against terrorism, from the role played by the European Union to the prospects of partnership in business, in the agro-food sector and in the media between the two countries. "It is very important that two big news agencies put their skills together: we need public opinions that are felt in Europe, in Italy but also in Tunisia", said David Sassoli, Vice-President of the European Parliament. "Every relationship between Italy and Tunisia is an investment for Europe", he added, stating that the "quality" and "stability of the Mediterranean" and in particular "the political theme of Tunisia, which is in a democratic transition that goes encouraged, they are a priority for the EU ".

    The ANSA-TAP agreement is "fundamental for disseminating information on Tunisia", added the Italian ambassador to Tunis, Raimondo De Cardona, for "information that is clear, in-depth and gives the perception of a country which offers strong guarantees to international operators Tunisia is a stabilized country, with a functioning democracy, "said the diplomat, while the under-secretary for agricultural policies, Giuseppe Castiglione, stressed the" revival of agricultural production in the area of the Mediterranean "so that it is" increasingly sustainable ". According to Castiglione, the basin "could become a large pilot area where water resources are used in a rational manner, where great reflection is made on the topic of climate change and environmental sustainability". Sabri Bach Tobji, the Tunisian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, spoke about "friendly relations between Italy and Tunisia, of" deep and strategic cooperation "that originates from a" common history ".The event is organized under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and of the Tunisian Foreign Ministry, while the media partnership has been entrusted to ANSAmed and TAP, with the collaboration of Tunisair.

    Founded in 1963, TAP is Tunisia's main source of information. About 150 journalists work there and have a dozen regional offices. The agency provides news in three languages ​​- Arabic, French and English - and also produces a photo shoot. Approximately 90% of the revenues come from the state, while the rest from subscriptions and photographic products. Headed by 2016 is Lamjed Hemdani. The National Press Associated Agency (ANSA) is instead the first information agency in Italy and among the first in the world, founded in Rome in 1945. It collects and transmits news (in Italian, English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese) on the main events Italian and global, with more than 3,500 launches, 2,000 photos and over 60 videos a day. Twenty-two offices in Italy and 73 correspondent offices abroad in the 5 continents. Luigi Contu is directing it (ANSAmed).

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