ANSA and Arab agencies, a new collaboration for the future

'The Declaration of Rome' signed by FANA and ANSA

27 June, 11:46

    FANA-ANSA Symposium in Rome FANA-ANSA Symposium in Rome

    ROME - The Federation of Arab news agencies (FANA) and Italian news agency ANSA have signed an agreement to increase cooperation.
    FANA's President and the General Director of Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) Sheikh Moubarak Duaij Al-Ibrahim al-Sabah and ANSA's CEO and General Manager Giuseppe Cerbone on Friday signed the document, called 'Declaration of Rome', at a meeting in the Italian capital.
    The declaration's main objectives include a more significant and concrete coordination on major current and future challenges of journalism, a 'Commission on Dialogue'' between Arab and European news agencies with ANSA as a central point of contact and reference, forums on terrorism and meetings on technology to underline the increasingly fundamental role of news agencies in the era of globalization and the internet.
    The 'Declaration of Rome' cites the value of news agencies as the ''main source of trustworthy information'', stressing their contribution to ''peace and security at a local, regional, national and international level'', especially in relation to ''growing misinformation and propaganda''.
    In this context, the editors in chief of Arab news agencies met in Rome with the management of ANSA for a two-day forum Thursday and Friday ''with the objective of discussing available means for a coordination between the two sides in numerous and diversified fields'' to ''exchange information'' for a development of the media and to ''undertake an important role in the fight against terrorism''.
    In this context, FANA and ANSA have agreed, for the future, on the importance of ''highlighting the need for greater coordination between national news agencies in Europe and Arab news agencies'' with the objective of ''discovering the available possibilities on both sides to promote the principles of democracy, human rights and social, economic and cultural development''.
    ANSA will have a role as point of contact between FANA agencies and major European agencies to develop this dialogue. Such a role will include promoting meetings able to develop reciprocal knowledge and new concrete initiatives.
    For this reason, the joint declaration provides for the creation of a ''Commission of Dialogue'' between the two sides, that can be a ''framework for the organization of annual meetings to exchange ideas and information'' on the evolution of news agencies.
    The document stresses the need to ''organize forums'' between European and Arab news agencies to understand how they will ''undertake an important role in fighting terrorist ideology''.
    FANA and ANSA then stressed the importance of the technical and technological aspects of news agencies and decided to organize ''a meeting between the two groups'' to ''exchange ideas and information'' on this issue.

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