Lebanon: media, intellectual Hezbollah critic killed

Lokman Slim was shot in the head in his car

04 February, 12:01

    Lebanese activist and Hezbollah critic Lokman Slim found shot to death Lebanese activist and Hezbollah critic Lokman Slim found shot to death

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, 04 FEB - Local Lebanese media reported the murder of a well-known intellectual, political activist, editor, founder and director of one of the most important Lebanese NGOs, known for his open opposition to Hezbollah. Media reports said the lifeless body of Loqman Slim, 58, was found on Thursday morning in his car in southern Lebanon, in a town about 70 km south of Beirut, in the Zahrani district. From initial information, there was a visible bullet hole to the head. Slim's whereabouts had been unknown since Wednesday evening, after he had gone to the county's south during the day for personal reasons. His family members sounded the alarm in recent hours because his mobile phone was unreachable. Slim came from a prominent Shiite family on Beirut's southern outskirts, a place that in recent decades had become a stronghold of pro-Iranian Hezbollah. He openly opposed them with his work, his publications and his public speeches on the principle of political confessionalism, identitarianism and Hezbollah's cultural and political hegemony. He was a defender of the principles of citizenship, equal opportunity, citizen equality beyond confessional affiliations, and had for years been a reference figure for civil activism in Lebanon and the Middle East. He had founded a publishing house and in the early 2000s with his German wife Monika Borgman he started the organisation Umam (Nations) for the preservation of Lebanese written and oral collective history. Umam's offices and exhibition space had always been at the heart of the outskirts of southern Beirut, in Haret Hreik, despite the fact that Slim and his collaborators had on various occasions been pressured by local institutions, including receiving death threats, by Hezbollah supporters.(ANSAmed).

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