Albania: no candidates running in election for presidency

Second round in Parliament is again negative

04 June, 14:19

(ANSAmed) - TIRANA, JUNE 4 - The second round in parliament for the election of the new Albanian President of the Republic has ended once again with a negative result, due to the lack of a consensus between the centre-right majority led by Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the centre-left opposition led by Edi Rama. The session lasted only two minutes, just enough time to declare that no nominees had been presented. As the constitution foresees, the vote was in any case considered to have taken place. Yesterday evening's meeting between Berisha and Rama, their first one face to face, ended with no action being taken.

Both parties did not surrender any ground. The majority insists on the naming of Xhezair Zaganjori, member of the constitutional court. "We've done our part, we gave up our initial positions, renouncing a political candidature and take a step towards the opposition in order to reach a mutual agreement. Let's hope the opposition do their part now", Berisha claimed. The socialists instead say that Zaganjori's nomination was put forward unilaterally and ask for some negotiations. "Our objective is to give the country a Head of State who receives support both from the government and the opposition. We aren't laying out any conditions. The government must make it possible for us to also make a contribution," Rama pointed out.

The date for the third round should be decided today, within seven days, the last round in which a qualified majority is requested (84 votes out of 140 seats). In the last two, the President could also be voted with a simple majority. The election of the President of the Republic has in the meantime obstructed a few important reforms requested by Brussels in order for the country to obtain the status of EU candidate country next autumn. Urging the institutions towards the conclusion of the electoral law reform and the assembly regulation will be Stefano Sannino, Director General for the European Commission Enlargement, who is to visit Tirana next Thursday. (ANSAmed).