In Croatia Rijeka flooded, one dead and heavy damages

Torrential rain flood the city center

29 September, 13:12

    ZAGREB - The Croatian city of Rijeka in the north Adriatic, yesterday was hit by torrential rain which in just a few hours flooded the entire city center and other parts of the town, causing one dead and heavy material damage.

    In the course of just a few hours approximately 130 liters per square meter of rain poured over the city. This amount of rain equals the total rain on average for the entire month of September. Due to the torrential rain, the drainage systems gave out and water submerged streets, flooding hundreds of basements, homes and commercial outfits.

    Huge damage was also incurred by buildings of historic value.

    In some parts of the city the water level reached half a meter.

    One person died, overwhelmed by the floods and then dragged on the street. During the night, the rain stopped and the situation is Rijeka is slowly returning to normalcy.

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