Egypt: dozens killed in Sinai attack on army checkpoints

Also 10 officials among the victims, 80 injured

01 July, 14:15

    Up to 30 killed in several attacks in Sinai Up to 30 killed in several attacks in Sinai

    CAIRO - Over 72 Egyptian soldiers were reportedly killed on Wednesday morning at northern Sinai checkpoints in clashes with armed groups supporting the Islamic State (ISIS).
    Launching the attack against the Egyptian soldiers were armed men belonging to a group until recently known as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, which in the past has claimed responsibility for dozens of similar attacks. Eyewitnesses say that the terrorists were riding in vehicles when they launched the attack, including by using grenades. Violent clashes with the army ensued.
    The group Wilayat Sinai (''The Sinai Province'') claimed responsibility on Twitter for the coordinated attacks against over 15 Egyptian military sites in the northern Sinai. About 30 people - both soldiers and jihadists - were reportedly killed in the attacks. ''The Lions of the Caliphate,'' the group wrote on Twitter, ''simultaneously attacked over 15 sites and Egyptian army checkpoints with heavy weaponry and grenades, and took complete control of some sites. The clashes continue.'' The group Ansar Beit el Maqdis - whose name translates as ''Partisans of the Holy City'' (Jerusalem) - recently changed its name to Wilayat Sinai.

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