Immigration: asylum policy by 2012, EU presidency

Top priority of Danish presidency in first semester

09 January, 17:57

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, 9 JANUARY - Harmonising asylum policies in the 27 EU Member States and promoting solidarity at the EU level on immigration issues by 2012: these are the objectives of the European common asylum system, among the top priorities of the new Danish EU presidency. Copenhagen explicitly stated this in its first semester programme: "the Danish presidency shall try to advance negotiations and laws on the asylum package as much as possible". Denmark's aim is to honour the Member States' commitment and "finalize the European common asylum system by the end of 2012". The Danish presidency will also continue working to prevent and fight illegal immigration, strengthen the Schengen system and improve effectiveness of control on the EU's external borders. Visa and repatriation policies, according to the current EU's Danish presidency , "shall be the key-elements of a well-managed asylum and immigration policy, fully respecting human dignity". (ANSAmed).

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