Poverty: 27.7% Greeks at risk, rising in Spain, Eurostat

Italians among most numerous (14.7 mln), in Europa 23.4%

08 February, 14:01

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, FEBRUARY 08 - In 2010, 27.7% of people in Greece were at risk of reaching poverty levels or social exclusion, more than three million people. In absolute terms, 14.7 million people in Italy were faced with the same situation (24.5%), in France 11.7 million (19.3%), in Spain 11.6 million (25.5%) and in Portugal almost 2.7 million (25.3%). These data were released by Eurostat, the European statistics office, which specifies that a total of 115.479 million people are at risk in the whole of Europe, 23.4% of the around half a billion European citizens.

Between 2009 and 2010, Spain recorded an increase in poverty of 2.1% (from 23.4% to 25.5%), followed in the Mediterranean EU area by Slovenia (+1.2%), France (+0.9%), Portugal (+0.4%) and Greece (+0.1%), while Italy recorded a slight decrease (-0.2%).

In the European Union the group of children and young people to the age of 17 is most exposed to the problem: 26.9%, against 23.3% of adults in the working age (18-64) and 19.8% of elderly people. In the Mediterranean area, Spain has the highest poverty risk rate under the age of 17 with 29.8%, Italy 28.9%, Greece and Portugal 28.7% and Slovenia 15.7%. Between 18 and 64 years, France reaches 20%, the lowest rate against Greece's 27.7%, Spain (25.1%), Italy (24.7%) and Portugal (24.1%). In the group of over-65, French scores well again with 12%, nearly half of most other Mediterranean countries: Italy (20.3%), Spain (22.6%), Slovenia (22.8%), Portugal (26.1%) and Greece (26.7%).

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