Mali: EU greenlights 450-personnel, 12.3 mln euro mission

Up to 24 Italians to participate in EUMT, Terzi

17 January, 16:48

Italian FM Giulio Terzi Italian FM Giulio Terzi

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JANUARY 17 - European Union states agreed to send up to 450 military personnel to train Mali government forces in fighting Islamist rebels, EU foreign ministers made known on Thursday.

The so-called European Union Training Mission (EUTM) will include 200 instructors for an initial 15-month mandate at a cost of 12.3 million euros. The mission will be headquartered in the capital, Bamako, and training will take place in the southern part of the country. EUTM will also provide consulting on operations, logistics, and civilian protection, but will not take part in military actions directly.

Italy will send ''up to 24 personnel'', Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said, adding that it ''gives a positive overall evaluation of the international community's action, as sanctioned by UN Security Council Resolution 2085 and reinforced by a unanimous Security Council declaration, including Russia and China, calling on everyone to support the Mali government in combating terrorist forces.'' (ANSAmed).