Morocco: MEPs call on Schulz to condemn colleagues expulsion

Schulz must condemn this act, Western Sahara House Intergroup

12 March, 19:00

    (ANSAmed) - STRASBOURG, MARCH 12 - The Western Sahara House Intergroup on Tuesday called on European Parliament President Martin Schulz to condemn Morocco's March 6 expulsion of four MEPs.

    Moroccan authorities expelled Slovenian liberal Ivo Vaigl, leftist Spaniards Vicent Ramon Garces and Willy Meyer, and Swedish People's Party MEP Isabella Lovin from Casablanca airport, preventing their mission to the Western Sahara, where they were to meet with local representatives, NGOs and international organizations. ''I questioned Schulz on Monday at the beginning of the plenary session'', Marco Scurria, People of Freedom (PdL) and European People's Party MEP, told reporters at a Brussels press conference Tuesday. ''It was a grave incident because the MEPs were expelled as personae non gratae. It is unfortunate that Schulz's reaction was let's wait and see, when we expected words of condemnation''. Scurria proposed sending ''an official delegation led by the EP president'' to see the situation in the Western Sahara first-hand. ''The incident was not casual and will mark a change of course by the EP and I hope the whole of the EU with regards to Morocco'', said Pino Arlacchi, who is from the Democratic Party (PD) and the deputy chair of the Western Sahara House Intergroup. ''We can no longer consider Morocco as a serious interlocutor or even a country that wants to modernize, but as what it is: a medieval tyranny''. (ANSAmed).

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