UN: UK announces conditional support of Palestine

France also in favor, EU divisions ahead

27 November, 17:42

The Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas The Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas

(ANSAmed) - NEW YORK - The UK will support Palestine's bid for non-member observer UN status if the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) resumes unconditional peace talks and if it does not call for war crimes prosecutions against Israel, UN sources said Tuesday.

Also today, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced French support of the Palestinian bid. France has held ''a constant position'' in favor of the recognition of the state of Palestine since then-President Francois Mitterrand's 1982 speech, Fabius pointed out.

The French decision opens up the possibility of a new rift within the EU, while the PNA needs a compact European vote to offset the US and Israel, both of whom have threatened heavy sanctions should the UN vote in favor of such a resolution. The UK's conditional position reduces that risk somewhat ahead of Thursday's vote at the UN General Assembly. A majority of that body is expected to vote in favor of Palestine, given that more than 130 member countries have already recognized its statehood.


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