Islam: two Arab/Muslim rights orgs sue Charlie Hebdo

580,000 euros in damages for "inciting to hatred" with cartoons

07 December, 19:16

    (ANSAmed) - PARIS, DECEMBER 7 - Two Arab rights associations on Friday sued satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo for inciting racial hatred by publishing six caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed on September 19.

    The Algerian Gathering for Peace and Progress (RDAP) and the United Arab Organization, which operate ''in defense and support of Arabs and/or Muslims'', sued the weekly for 580,000 euros in damages for the caricatures, one of which showed the prophet lying naked on a bed and repeating one of Brigitte Bardot's lines from the 1963 film Contempt: ''What about my behind - do you like my behind?'' The drawings are ''an offense to the honor and the consideration of the Prophet Mohammed and of the Muslim community,'' the two groups charged in their suit.

    Other suits for ''incitement to hatred'', ''defamation'' and ''public injury'' were filed against Charlie Hebdo the day after it ran the vignettes, but were not pursued. (ANSAmed).

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