Crisis: Greece, patrons not to pay bills without a receipt

Ministry preparing measure in bid to combat tax evasion

26 October, 11:20

People walk past a graffiti in central Athens People walk past a graffiti in central Athens

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS, OCTOBER 26 - Greece's Development Ministry is about to present a regulation according to which patrons at bars, restaurants, cafes and so on will be able to leave without paying unless they are given a legal receipt, in an effort to reduce tax evasion. This unprecedented measure, as daily Kathimerini reports, will be part of a set of steps aimed at protecting consumers and facilitating doing business and may start to apply as of next week. The new market rules, part of which are connected to Greece's commitments in the bailout agreement with its creditors, include a regulation that gives consumers the right not to pay for the goods they have consumed or purchased, or services rendered if the retailer or service provider fails to produce a receipt that would validate the transaction. Restaurants and cafes will have to state that consumers have that right on their menus. (ANSAmed).


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