Greece: anarchists claim to be behind Golden Dawn attack

10 December, 13:11

    (ANSAmed) - Athens, December 10 - An organization called Informal Anarchic Federation has claimed responsibility for a dynamite attack last Tuesday against the neo-nazi Greek Golden Dawn party in the north-western district of Aspropirgos in Athens. The claim was sent Saturday to the Indymedia website which posted it on the internet. Police officials have not established whether the claim is authentic.

    In the past, Italian citizens active in the anarchist group were involved in sending an envelope containing explosives to the director of an immigration center in Gradisca d'Isonzo in 2009 and envelopes containing explosives sent in 2011 to the director of the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, to Equitalia in Rome and to the Greek ambassador in Paris.

    The attack on Golden Dwans which caused serious damages but no victims or wounded, took place after a number of politicians asked for the group to be banned and after Socialist leader Evanghelos Venizelos called on all parties to fight against Golden Dawn 'within the criminal code' because 'it is a criminal and nazi organization'. (ANSAmed)
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