Greece: police on 'Red Alert' under the fear of armed attack

After the discovery of hidden arsenal buried outside Athens

19 November, 17:03

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, NOVEMBER 19 - Hellenic Police is on 'Red Alert' from the last 24 hours under the fear of a new armed attack. According to some sources from the police counter-terrorism division, the attack's target this time will be the Hellenic police. The 'Red Alert' started when the police discovered an arsenal consisting of four Kalashnikov assault rifles, ten hand grenades and about 750 rounds of ammunition of various caliber, all concealed in a barrel which was buried in a wooden area in Ippokratios Politia, in the north of Athens, as daily To Vima online reports. The discovery has caused concern amongst police officers, since they have reason to suspect that a militant group may be intending to carry out an attack against police targets, as a "supplement" to the shooting in Neo Iraklio which resulted in the death of two neo-nazist party Golden Dawn members. Police officers handling the new case reported that the arsenal was similar to those found recovered from hide-outs and buried in stashes in outdoor areas. The barrel is believed to have been recently hidden as the guns were oiled and ready for use. The ballistics examination of the weapons will hopefully help determine whether they have been used in crimes and by extension the identity of the owner.

    Militant groups launched a massive assault against the Police Department in Agia Paraskevi in October 2009, with the police estimating that a similar attack against a police target may be imminent. (ANSAmed).

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