Mitsotakis cabinet concerned over Greek wiretapping scandal

Dozens of politicians, journalists spied, media reports

21 November, 17:30

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, NOVEMBER 21 - Since the beginning of November, the front pages of Greek Sunday papers have all been dedicated to one issue: the wiretapping scandal that has engulfed the conservative government led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

    Dozens of public figures including ministers, politicians and journalists were allegedly placed under surveillance via phone malware, according to press reports, by a spy center close to the premier, who denies any involvement. But the list is widening significantly and discontent in his party Nea Dimokratia is growing.

    The so-called 'Greek Watergate" case exploded in July, when the leader of the Socialist party Pasok and European member of Parliament Nikos Androulakis denounced that he was being spied by the Greek secret services in the fall of 2021 - while he was about to win his party's congress - and that someone had tried to hack his cell phone with the Predator spyware.

    According to the latest reports published by the main Greek investigative magazine, Documento, the case involving Androulakis is not an isolated one: another five figures were first allegedly wiretapped by the secret services and then allegedly received a message infected with the spyware, which was considered proof by the publication of how the two different surveillance systems were used by the same center. 'Victims' reportedly included Kostis Hatzidakis, the current labor minister elected with Nea Dimokratia, and the editor in chief of the main Greek newspaper Kathimerini, Alexis Papachelas. Premier Mitsotakis, who in 2019 gained direct control of the secret services through legislation, denied any connection between Predator and the government, promising to shed light on the case. His party however is increasingly on edge.

    "I have full confidence in Mitsotakis's commitment to gain full clarity on the case", said Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, allegedly also a victim of Predator according to the newspaper To Bima, and considered today one of the main rivals of the prime minister at the helm of the party Nea Dimokratia.


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