Athens City Break-new beginning after crisis with Piraeus closer

New metro line open, more flights from Italy

01 December, 11:55

    (ANSAmed) - MILAN, DECEMBER 1 - Ideal for a low cost weekend, vivacious, welcoming and sustainable, Athens embodies a Greece on the path of recovery after a tremendous economic crisis, followed by the pandemic, through accessible costs and a new attention to the environment. This starts with transportation: the new metro line connecting the Greek capital to Piraeus has allowed to eliminate from the capital's roads as many as 130,000 vehicles a day, while air carriers are also working towards a more sustainable service. The capital's association of hoteliers has also given new impulse to hotels to provide a more environmentally sustainable and organic offering. It is not a green revolution but it represents a first step in the promotion of sustainability. Overall, the city is abuzz: bars, restaurants and shops are reopening, along with new luxury hotels, with venues offering tables outside across the city center, thanks to the mild climate.

    The city's many lights, from Plaka to Monastiraki and all the popular districts at night, despite the energy emergency, seem to want to hide a crisis that is still present. Italians, who have been surpassed by French tourists over the past year (with Britons and Germans holding on to the first positions) are once again appreciating the city. This is happening also thanks to low-cost flights, with Sky Express lately offering flights from Milan, connecting Italy to 34 Greek destinations. Here, too, sustainability reigns, with organic meals for children and planes with a low impact on the environment. Once in Athens, after a visit to the Acropolis and the museum at its feet, a mandatory destination is the atelier of the Melissinos, whose sandals have been worn by celebrities from around the world, from Maria Callas to Jackie Kennedy, Rudolf Nureyev and Mick Jagger. Loumidis, on the corner of Panepistimiou and Eolou offers a wide variety of coffees. It is also possible to buy the tools to make a good Greek coffee, as well as many traditional sweets. The Naxos Apothecary, a well-known oasis of creams and scents made with herbs from the island by the same name just two steps from Syntagma square, now offers an organic restaurant with local products. The green drive of hotels is highlighted by Alexandros Delipamidis, director of the Herodion Hotel, two steps from the Acropolis, which is part of the group H&P Hotels, with the hotels Irodeio and Philippos.

    The tour of Athens can easily extend to the Piraeus ( the site of the agency which is very much promoting the destination), now connected with a 20-minute-long subway ride (55 from the airport). Here, with just 18 euros, it is possible to reach by boat Aegina and spend the day on the island of pistachios, or spend half a day in Piraeus, walking and going to bars and restaurants overlooking the seafront or visiting the always surprising Piraeus Museum, which is small but rich with classical and Mycenaean findings, many still intact. A new museum will also be opened soon showcasing archaeological treasures. The Piraeus is expanding with a green skyscraper under constructions. The Piraeus Tower will be 88-meter-high and should be completed in September 2023.

    It will have stores and offices with the promise of the utmost sustainability. (ANSAmed).

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