Police clash with protesters near Israeli embassy in Amman

14 March, 14:13

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN, MARCH 14 - Security forces on Friday barricaded in front of the Israeli embassy and beat some protesters with batons to prevent demonstrators from reaching the diplomatic compound during a protest against killing of a judge by an Israeli soldier.

    Several activists were arrested by police forces, including brother of a former Jordanian soldier, Ahmed Daqamseh, who is serving life for killing Israeli nationals in 1997.

    Hundreds of anti-riot police used military hardware to block roads leading to the embassy, as tension escalated after angry protesters attempted to reach the heavily fortified embassy.

    Angry protesters carried a symbolic coffin of Jordanian national Raid Zueiter and lifted Jordan and Palestinian flags as they chanted against the peace treaty with Israel. They also called for release of former soldier Ahmed Daqamsah who is serving life for killing Israeli nationals in 1997.

    Zuiter was shot dead by an Israeli soldier while travelling on Allenby bridge on Jordan river. The Israeli army says Zueiter tried to attack a soldier while carrying a metal bar, but an eye witness traveling with the victim disputed Israeli claims, insiting Zueiter was not armed and was provked by the soldier.

    Activists blasted the government for what they described as "shameful reaction" in the aftermath of the killing. Calls have been pouring down on prime minister Abdullah Nesour to summon ambassador from Tel Aviv, evict the Israeli ambassador and release Daqamseh.

    Last week, the parliament gave the government an ultimatum until next Tuesday to evict Israel ambassador or face a vote of confidence. (ANSAmed).

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