Expo: Israeli Pavilion hosts start-up contest for kids

Finalists include Muslim Arab-Israeli students, Italians

26 October, 19:54

    Expo: Israeli Pavilion hosts start-up contest for kids Expo: Israeli Pavilion hosts start-up contest for kids

    (ANSA) - ROME - The Israeli Pavilion at Milan Expo will host the finals of the first international competition for start-ups dedicated to children and adolescents under the age of seventeen. Despite their young age, builders of the future were called upon to apply their imagination and creativity to projects to help the elderly, with extraordinary results from a technological point of view.

    The finalists come from the United States, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Israel, and will be judged Tuesday by an international jury. There are seven finalists out of 36 schools in 22 countries that participated in the competition HYPE EXPO - the Global Youth Startup Awards 2015.

    The Israeli pavilion was chosen for the final judging not only because the country represents one of the most stimulating and encouraging locations for fostering start-ups, but also because two Israeli schools entered the finals - one from Haifa, with Israeli Jewish and Arab students, the other from the village of Iblin, which has only Muslim Arab-Israeli students.

    The Israeli schools offer a sign of how technology, science, commitment to progress can unite even under extremely tense situations such as those lived in Israel and the Palestinian territories in recent weeks.

    The projects to be presented tomorrow include the Memory Optimizing Manager (MOM), created by the US students to cope with lapses suffered by many elderly, the Italian Handy Hand is a kind of glove that helps hands move more easily and with greater force. The two schools of Israel are presenting the ChairWaze - a wheelchair to go anywhere, conceived in Haifa - and an app called Hand N Hand Angels, created by Muslim children of the Mar Elian school in Iblin, to set up a social network to help older people in their daily lives.

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