Israel to its citizens,'leave Turkey, risk of attacks from Iran'

FM warns of plans to kidnap and kill Israelis

13 June, 16:12

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, JUNE 13 - Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid has urged Israeli nationals not to go to Turkey and to leave the country as soon as possible if they are there.

    The minister's appeal came after Iranian plans to attack Israelis there were thwarted.

    "Israeli security services, the foreign ministry, and the office of the prime minister," Lapid continued in a speech before the parliament, "have in recent weeks been involved in enormous efforts to save Israeli lives. Some of them have in the meantime come back to Israel without knowing that their lives have been spared." He was referring to several plans for attacks that local media outlets claim have been thwarted.

    Lapid added that these attacks had targeted Israeli tourists "to kidnap or kill them. This is a real and immediate danger even now".

    "If you are planning a trip to Israel, call it off. There are no holidays," he said, "that are worth your lives or those of the people dear to you." Lapid them thanks the Turkish authorities for the efforts put forth to protect Israeli citizens and warned Iranian leaders that, "those that hit Israelis will pay for it. The long hand of Israel will discover those responsible wherever they may be." Israeli analysts have added that the Iranian threat could also target the Jewish community in Turkey and believe that the protection of local Jewish institutions should be stepped up.


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