Israel launches 'Breaking dawn' operation against Islamic Jihad

At least four victims, including 5-yr-old, says Gaza health ministry

05 August, 16:54

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, 05 AGO - At least four people, including a five-year-old girl, were reported dead and 19 were wounded on Friday in an operation called 'Breaking Dawn' launched by Israel in Gaza against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the health ministry in Gaza said, quoted by local media.

    Reports said the victims included Tayasir Jabari, an Islamic Jihad commander in the northern Gaza Strip, and Salame Abed, also a Jihad member.

    An Israeli military spokesperson said that a "special situation" has been declared inside the country, against retaliation. The Iron Dome air defense missile system was deployed to cover up to 80 kilometers within Israel, including Tel Aviv and Modin, the spokesperson added.

    The Israeli air force targeted an apartment in Bourj Falastin, a ten-floor office building located in downtown Gaza City, according to local sources. A high column of smoke could be seen coming from the roof on Friday afternoon.

    According to these sources, the air force also bombed a target in Khan Yunes, in the southern part of the Strip. An Islamic Jihad position was hit in Beit Kahya, in the north of the Strip.

    "The enemy has launched a war against our people", said the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, shortly after the beginning of the first strikes carried out by the Israeli air force. "We must all defend ourselves. We will not allow the enemy to continue its systematic attempts to hit the armed resistance".

    "The army just hit Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza. This is an operation to remove a concrete threat against Israeli citizens and in areas close to Gaza." Premier Yair Lapid said this. "The government of Israel will not allow terrorists to threaten citizens. Anyone who tries to hit us knows that we will reach them." (ANSAmed)

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