In West Bank five Palestinians killed in clashes with army

The fifth shot dead after running over an Israeli woman

29 November, 17:35

    Funeral of a Palestinian victim of the clashes with the Israeli army in Hebron, West Bank Funeral of a Palestinian victim of the clashes with the Israeli army in Hebron, West Bank

    TEL AVIV - Five Palestinians were killed in the last 24 hours hours in clashes with the Israeli army.

    According to the Palestinian health ministry, two brothers in the village of Kafr Ain (Ramallah) were shot dead by Israeli soldiers. The Israeli army is verifying the circumstances of this incident, but a military spokesman meanwhile reported that in Beit Umar (Hebron) another Palestinian was shot dead in an exchange of fire with Palestinian militiamen. In the afternoon a fourth was killed during more clashes between Palestinian civilians and a military unit. The fifth palestinian victim was pursued and shot by soldiers after he ran over and seriousely injured a 20 year old Israeli woman in the Jewish settlement of Kochav Yaacov north of Jerusalem, in the West Bank, according to media reports. He had five children and worked in an Israeli supermarket in Ariel, West Bank. The prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Muhammad Shtayyeh, described as an "atrocious crime" the killings. He was quoted as saying by Palestinian news agency Wafa that the "escalation warns about great dangers". "With the constant declaration of war against our people, one of the pillars of the current and new Israeli government, we ask the countries of the world to intervene urgently to stop and slow down the Israeli killing machine", he said.

    The incidents in Beit Umar, the Israeli army reported, started when two military jeeps were blocked due to mechanic issues and were attacked by a dozen of people who "hurled stones and explosive devices and opened fire on the soldiers". The soldiers then responded to push back the attackers, the military spokesman said. The Palestinian news agency Wafa added that one person was killed and 10 others injured.

    Yesterday, the army provided a detailed report on eight months of violence between Palestinians and Israelis. In the West Bank, a strong increase in attacks and gunfire has been reported. According to the army, these tensions are fueled by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. The army has also expressed concern for the multiplying attacks by Jewish extremists against Palestinians in the West Bank.

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